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Akira Kurono is Kei Kurono's younger brother. He is considered virtually perfect at life in comparison to his older brother. He is also one of the vampires.


Despite being younger, he looks much older than his brother does.




It is shown that their parents favor Akira greatly, while not caring about Kei at all. In flashbacks it shows he also doesn't care or get along with Kei. Akira doesn't even verbally acknowledge or talk to Kei in public (evident when Kei and Tae run into him at the subway), but when the Vampires come to kill Kei he calls him and tells Kei their weakness. He is killed by Hikawa for betraying them.

Akira 2

Akira killed by Hikawa

He is first seen during the Onion Alien Mission Arc during Kei Kurono's flashback, reading a book while eating breakfast as Kurono mentions that no family member would miss him if he died.

Abilities & Skills[]



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