Gantz is a psychological science fiction action thriller anime based on the manga written and drawn by Hiroya Oku. Produced by Gonzo and broadcasted by Fuji Television , the first episode aired in Japan on April 12, 2004. There are 26 episodes total.


Japanese Anime StaffEdit

Original CreatorEdit

The Original Creator is the person who wrote the manga, light novel or other work upon which the anime is based, they often serve a consult like role to the production of the anime.

This is the Original Creator

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
奥, 浩哉Hiroya OkuAll


The Director is the director in charge of all aspects of the animation process during the production of an anime, animated film or animated segment for a live-action film. This may include directing the character design, background animation, and any other aspect of the animation.

This the Director.

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
板野, 一郎Ichiro ItaniAll

Story BoardersEdit

Story Boarders are the people who are in charge of creating the Storyboards for the series.

These are the Story Boarders

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
板野, 一郎Ichiro Itani1, 26
鈴木, 信吾Shingo Suzuki25
須永,司Sunaga TsukasaAll
西森, 章Akira Nishimori3,7, 14, 16, 21


A Scripter in Japan refers specifically to a person in charge of translating and updating the Manga dialogue to workable dialogue for anime series, often the order of words need to be changed and sentences need to be lengthened in a non intrusive way.

This is the scripter

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
十川, 誠志Masashi SogoAll

Series CompositionerEdit

A Series Compositioner in Japan refers specifically to a person in charge of translating the format of a manga to an applicable and working format for the anime. This job in medium and small productions is often given to the scriptwriter(s), large production however tend to have a huge team of scriptwriters and multiple series compositioners.

This is the Series Compositioner.

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
十川, 誠志Masashi SogoAll

Character DesignerEdit

The Character Designer in Japan refers specifically to a person in charge of designing the definite anime looks of the characters in the anime, they are often given a set of parameters they have to comply to.

This is the Character Designer.

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
恩田, 尚之Naoyuki OndaAll

Art DirectorEdit

An Art Director in Japan refers specifically to the background artist in charge of producing background art for the animation, either personally or by directing a team of artists.

This is the art director.

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
池田, 繁美Shigemi IkedaAll

Animation DirectorsEdit

An Animation Director is the person in charge of all aspects of the animation process during the production of an animated work. He is responsible for character design, character animation, actions and sequences and any other aspect of animation.The animation director has to complete the project within the given time and budget limits.

These are the Animation Directors.

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
鈴木, 信吾Shingo Suzuki16, 25
羽田, 浩二Koji Haneda 13
小林, 利充Toshimitsu Kobayashi5, 9, 14, 20, 26
飯島, 弘也Hiroya Iijima 1, 8, 21, 26

Assistant Anime DirectorEdit

The Assistant Anime Directors is the person who is allowed to be the direct assistant of the Anime Director and to speak on his behalf. Sometimes he is only called upon when the Anime Director is to busy himself.

This is the Assistant Anime Director.

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
羽田, 浩二Koji Haneda17, 21

Key AnimatorsEdit

An Key Animator will draw the key drawings in a scene, using the character layouts as a guide. The key animator draws enough of the frames to get across the major points of the action; in a sequence of a characters jumping across a gap, the key animator may draw a frame of the character as he is about to leap, two or more frames as the character is flying through the air, and the frame for the character landing on the other side of the gap. Timing is important for the animators drawing these frames; each frame must match exactly what is going on in the soundtrack at the moment the frame will appear, or else the discrepancy between sound and visual will be distracting to the audience.

These are the Key Animators

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
鈴木, 信吾Shingo Suzuki16
山田, 誠Makoto Yamada
羽田, 浩二Koji Haneda 2, 6, 8, 13, 17
谷口, 守泰Moriyasu Taniguchi5
林, 直孝Naotaka Hayashi 11
日下, 岳史Takeshi Kusaka2, 17
金子, ひらくHiraku Kaneko6
小林, 利充Toshimitsu Kobayashi9, 20, 25
粟井, 重紀Shigeki Awai5
藤川, 太Futoshi Fujikawa13
紺野, 直幸Naoyuki Konno18

Mechanical DesignerEdit

A Mechanical Designer in Japan refers specifically to a person in charge of designing various mechanical devices that may be shown in the anime.

This is the Mechanical Designer.

Kanji Rōmaji Episodes
中島, 利洋Toshihiro Nakajima All


The Music in gantz can be divided into two kinds the Back Ground Music which forms most of the OST (Original Soundtrack) and the Opening and Ending Theme Peformers. Both kinds are listed here.

These are the music performers.

Kanji Romanji Official Performer Name Kind
高梨, 康治Yasuharu TakanashiYasuharu TakanashiBGM and OST
田中玲美Tanaka RemiREMIBGM Chorus
成田亮治, 荻原恵介, 千葉昌嗣, 大槻一人 and 竹内文也Ryouji Narita, Keisuke Ogihara, Masatsugu Chiba, Kazuto Otsuki and Fumiya TakeuchiRip Slyme (Ryo-Z, Ilmari, Pes, Su and Fumiya)Opening Theme Song Performers
浅田香織Asada KaoriBonnie PinkEnding Theme Song Performer

English Anime StaffEdit

ADR DirectorEdit

The ADR Director is the director in charge of the Automated Dialogue Replacement which is the process of re-recording the original dialogue or replacing voices on a motion picture, anime or television soundtrack after the regular production is done. An ADR engineer would be in charged of running the Recording Session according to the directions of the ADR Director, through some sort of editing software. The ADR Director would be in charged of the over all process and the finished product.

This is the ADR Director.

Name Episodes
Matt GreenfieldAll


A Scripter in Dubbing refers specifically to a person in charge of translating and updating the established Japanese anime dialogue to workable and applicable dialogue for their language of choice.

These are the Scripters.

Name Episodes
Christine AutenAll
Greg Ayres7


  • The slow pacing of the action sequences in the Anime, too much standing around and waiting, instead of fighting.
  • The changing of the plot, adding in the bum hunters because the Anime had already covered all manga chapters released at that time and needed more material.
  • A lame final ending that made no sense at all. It wasn't based on anything that happened in the manga, and everything worked in a totally different manner than seen previously in the Gantz series. See filler ending for more details.
  • While Sakuraoka Sei was fairly attractive in the manga, looking like Lara Croft, in the Anime her appearance was altered, making her far less attractive.


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