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Anzu Yamasaki (山咲 杏, Yamasaki Anzu) is a member of the Osaka Team, making her first appearence during the Nurarihyon Alien Mission.


Anzu has relatively short, dark hair and a cute face.


Like most of the Osaka Gantz team, Anzu was initially nonchalant and cavalier, laughing at Masaru Kato's attempts to save civilians, and disregarding the danger of the mission.

After becoming enamored with Kato, she began to display kindness and bravery, helping him save people and even sacrificing herself to save him.


Anzu lived in Osaka working as an erotic manga artist. She has a three year old son, whose father is never mentioned, but is clearly not around. At some point, she died and ended up in the Gantz room. She appears to have been a member for a while, knowing all of the other members and their stories.


Nurarihyon Mission Arc

Anzu first sees Masaru Kato help a family from being killed by one of the aliens. Bewildered by his actions, she asks him what he was doing. When he responded that he was saving the family, she immediately laughs at him. Initially she follows him around while waiting for him to show a contradiction in his actions and words, disbelieving that someone could genuinely be that altruistic.

When he does not show one and even puts himself in danger to save others, she leaves his side. Feeling strangely guilty, she returns to help Kato defeat the alien he was facing, though ends up requiring his help. Yamasaki continues to follow Kato around, and feels a connection with him due to the similarity of their situations, with Kato taking care of his brother just like Anzu takes care of her son.

After Kato announces that he will act as bait for the 100 point alien, Yamasaki asks Kato if he and his brother will move in with her and her son. In order to make this a reality, she vows to not let Kato die no matter what. This culminates in her death, as she tries to protect an immobile Kato from Nurarihyon.

United Rescue

Keeping a promise to Kato, Virgin-kun revives Anzu after receiving 100 points. After the Katastrophe, Anzu and Virgin-kun respond to a call for help from the Tokyo Team, who are asking for volunteers to free the humans trapped in the spaceships. As they are transferred in, she has a tearful re-union with Kato.

She and the rest of the Tokyo team begin rescuing humans, but their plan suddenly goes awry when Gantz is hacked, and they are transferred somewhere in the giant city. Anzu and Virgin-kun volunteer to keep an eye on the civilians, who have fled into a building. To their dismay, they find the building infested with insect-like aliens. Frozen in fear, Anzu is unable to decide whether they should flee or attack, but the decision is taken out of her hands as the aliens begin attacking the civilians. Virgin-kun gets his foot blown off, and just as Anzu is saying her final farewells to Kato, Kato and the rest of the team arrive to save them. The team then retreats.

The Final Challenge

On the alien mothership, the American team are dispatching the remaining Giant warriors. Eeva Gund easily kills the whole American team, and calls for Kei Kurono to come face him, and if he doesn't, he will ram the alien ship into Earth, ending both species. Anzu and the rest of the team initially stand by on the sidelines as Kurono and Eeva duel. When Kurono begins to lose however, one by one, the team comes to his aid. Anzu tries to stop Kato from participating, but he calls for her to be transferred back to Osaka, and promises to come find her if he survives.

Masaru Kato does survive and Anzu presumably waits for him in Osaka.


  • The name Anzu means "apricot" (杏).
  • Anzu's surname Yamasaki means "mountain, hill" (山) (yama) and "cape, peninsula" (咲) (saki).