Japan Air Date

2004 October 14

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Buddhist Temple Mission

Opening Song

"Super Shooter" by Rip Slyme

Ending Song

"Last Kiss" by Bonnie Pink

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Brother? (兄ちゃん?, Onii-chan?) is the twenty-first episode of the Gantz Anime.


Kato shoots Kei's leg where it continued to corrode. This stops the corrosion, but Kei is still immobile. The two men who fled the temple earlier now attempt to attack the statue, but it easily kills them both. The sniper repeatedly shoots the limbs of the statue, but it continues to regenerate. It retaliates by firing laser beams at him, one of which hits him and kills him. Sakuraoka stands by Kei and defends him from the statue as it comes to attack him, kicking the bucket of acid it throws back at him, burning half of its body so it cannot regenerate. The statue uses its laser beams once again, which kills Sakuraoka just as she thinks she has beaten it. The statue leaves Kei alone and now goes after Kato, who manages to entangle it with the trap gun. When he attempts to beams it away, it evacuates its shell and emerges as a green alien with many arms, all of which mercilessly punch Kato. It thinks it has won, but Kato grabs the alien's sword that Sakuraoka had knocked out of its hand earlier. He then cuts off its limbs and finally its head, killing it. The headless alien, however, with a flick of its tail, pierces Kato in the heart, killing him. Kei alone is transported back into the room, crying for his lost friends. He scores only a measly 8 points despite all his hardships, bringing his total up to 46. He pays it no heed however, as he demands Gantz bring everyone back in frustration. Gantz, of course, ignores him. Kei leaves the room completely alone.

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