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Buddhist Temple Aliens
Characteristics Strong, Big
Likes Birds, Big
Quotes "Nn"
Status Exterminated
Points Unknown
Manga Debut

Chapter 061

Anime Debut

Episode 15

Buddhist Temple Aliens (, ) are a race of aliens that have taken refuge on the earth and therefore have become targets of a global alien extermination effort.



The Buddhist Temple Aliens were dwelt in a Buddhist temple, disguised as a variety of statues. The first to appear were approximately fifty feet tall and relatively powerful. Nicknamed the "Rowdy Alien" and "Grumpy Alien", they were disguised as two nearly identical statues guarding the temple at the beginning of the mission. They were revealed as organic beings when one of the Gantz players viewed skeletons and organs beneath their stone-like exteriors using the X-gun. Aside from being immensely strong and durable, at least one displayed the ability to generate a powerful blast of wind that knocked the hunters back. Kurono killed one by breaking its legs and then firing at its head; another hunter took the other one out by sniping it from a distance.

The smaller aliens fought using a variety of swords and polearms, with most of them being dispatched by the hunters' superior weaponry.One of them caused madness to Akitoshi Okazaki by making him see eyes in his blood.

The most dangerous of them was disguised as a statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon. The many-armed alien wielded swords, a miniature pagoda that fired energy beams, and a vial of acid, all of which easily penetrated the hunters' suits. It was also capable of ingesting human brains and accessing their memories and language. But perhaps its most deadly weapon was a disk-shaped artifact that allowed for instant regeneration from whatever wounds the alien incurred. Most of the team fell prey to this particular alien.

Kato hit this alien with a Y gun, and initiated its sending. The alien then ejected its own head, and then oozed out of the statue as a green ooze. It then took the form of a lizard-like creature with six arms. This was the first alien to speak coherently, asking why the hunters had attacked them, claiming they never did anything to hurt anyone. Eventually, Kato was able to defeat this creature, fatally stabbing it with one of its own swords, but at the cost of his life.

Kurono was the only one to survive, he having taken injury early on and been carried off to the side by Kato and Sei. After Kato defeats the final alien, Kurono returns to the Gantz room alone.

List of Buddhist Temple Aliens