Gantz 01x08 chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 8
Page length 14 pages
Release date December 11, 2000 (tankōbon format)
Corresponding episode(s) They Aren't Human
Arc Onion Alien Mission Arc
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Slaughter (惨殺, Zansatsu) is the 8th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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Kei Kishimoto wearing a white t-shirt with the Gantz logo on it, a short skirt and the gloves from the Gantz suit. While holding an X-gun in her hands and whit what seems like blood splatter all around her.


Yamada, the suit wearing Yakuza, Hatanaka and Inamori fire their weapons at the Kid Onion Alien wondering why nothing happens, thinking that the X-Guns are nothing but toy guns. Inamori tells them there is some kind of time delay and that he will explode eventually. Hatanaka comments that the alien had a knife, but there is no knife to be seen. Inamori also comments on the fact that if what happened to the wall is the same thing that will happen to the alien after being fired upon, he will totally die. Suddenly the aliens right arm gets blown off. Splattering all four of their faces and clothes with the remains of it. As it falls on the ground the alien holds up his onion saying 'I'll give you my onions'. After which his stretched out arm and his legs also explode away from him. Splattering the four of them even more, as the limbless alien falls down on the ground still alive.

Kato exhausted for chasing after the group approaches them and shouts to them to stop it and he ask them what they are doing. He gets angry at them telling them he can't believe what they have done as he approaches them and the alien in shock. The four of them covered in alien bits from head to toe to gun, just stare at him indifferently. He tells them that they have to call an ambulance. Hatanaka however crouches down aims his gun at the aliens head and after asking Kato if he has a problem with it proceeds to shoot it, finishing it off execution style. The alien lifts his head towards Kato saying “Popikyu chuchi yoni” (seemingly asking for help) before his head explodes. Splattering the four of them again and Kato too.

Inamori states it was not human and that the X-ray on the gun showed it wasn't human at all. Hatanaka says it doesn't matter whether he was or not. While Kato ask if it is really just a TV show. Inamori tells the group that Kato is crying while Yamada tries to reassures himself by saying it is just like fishing and the suit-wearing Yakuza admits that they have gotten a bit carried away with it all.

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  • This is the first chapter in which as ordered by Gantz, an alien is eliminated. However it doesn't contribute to the goal of the game since the points were never collected.

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