Latent Power
Gantz 03x05 -027- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 27
Page length 18 pages
Release date June 19, 2001 (tankōbon format)
Arc Tanaka Alien Mission Arc
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Latent Power (潜在能力, Senzai Nōryoku) is the 27th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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A strong looking Masaru Kato is seen staring directly at the viewer.


The chapter begins with a group of delinquents running to the entrance of West Fukasumi Technical High School. There, also, is a rather small statured boy with glasses, closing his umbrella. It opens accidentally, however, and splashes water over the group, who become agitated and hostile in turn. The boy attempts to apologise, but the delinquents think nothing of it and begin to surround and grab him, threatening to break his umbrella and glasses, as well as demanding that he remove his pants also. Masaru Kato comes to his rescue, however, and manages to scare off the group due to his intimidating size. The boy thanks him for his help, and explains that the umbrella is broken and often opens without warning. Kato is reminded of the small Onion Alien by looking at the boy and walks into school with him.

The chapter cuts to the second year bathroom, where the delinquents are discussing plans to attack Kato after college. It is at that point where Chiaki Onizuka, a large and extremely well-built senior, comes out of the bathroom stall and expresses a desire to rape Kato after hearing the groups discussion, before clarifying that he always goes to his junior's bathroom for "[his] shit". Another delinquent who is unaware of Kato asks who they are talking about, and clarifies, stating that the group of friends he socialises with is unbecoming of his size.

It then cuts to Kato being checked by one of said friends in a shogi game. One of the delinquents then comes to warn him about Onizuka's plans to rape him, talking to him out of the classroom. Kato returns and tells his friends that he is fine but is visibly anxious once his lesson begins.

He then walks past the second year bathroom after his lesson ends, where the delinquents are conversing, and enters the stall that Onizuka is using, locking it, before beating him to a bloody pulp despite his pleas for mercy. He then opens the stall and speaks to the delinquents, telling them to stop picking on the weak, and takes his leave, ignoring their suggestion for them to "rule the school" together, and plays another game of Shogi with his friends.

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