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Chapter Information
Chapter 32
Page length 18 pages
Release date June 19, 2001 (tankōbon format)
Arc Tanaka Alien Mission Arc
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Impossible to Explain, Impossible to Understand
Group Madness

Forgotten (忘れ物, Wasuremono) is the 32nd chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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Kei Kishimoto wearing her Gantz suit which covers eveything but her breasts while clinging onto Rice and pressing him against her body.


The chapter begins with Kei Kurono staring dejectedly down at his case at the realisation that he has left his suit in his apartment. Looking up, whilst everyone else present goes about their conversations, he quietly tries to get the attention of Masaru Kato, but is unable to, and the latter goes out of the room to change.

After Kato changes, Kei Kishimoto exits the room in order to change, also, but is tailed by Tetsuo Nemoto and Haruya Numata, who intend to watch her get dressed. They succeed in doing so, and watch from a corner as Kishimoto strips out of her button-up shirt, skirt and panties and attempts to slip her Gantz suit over her head and chest, with little success due to the size of her breasts. Rice runs past, shocking them and jumps at her and begins lapping at her crotch area, much to her dismay. Masaru comes up behind them also, however, and places a hand on Tetsuo's shoulder and begins to crush it.

The chapter cuts back to Kurono looking down at his case, with Kishimoto now in her Gantz suit in the background, still visibly anxious over the lack of his suit, and the fact that everyone is wearing theirs other than himself. Joichiro notices his problem and immediately laughs, stating "Okay, that's one death confirmed". Kurono attempts to steal Tetsuo's suit, but just as Joichiro says that other people's suits are nothing more than regular clothes, Tetsuo catches Kurono in the act, and proceeds to put his suit on after seeing how desperately Kurono wanted it.

Masaru, now aware of Kurono's dilemma asks Joichiro if there is any way for him to survive, but he refuses to co-operate. Kurono, now desperate, continues to demand that Joichiro tell him what he can do to survive, but before he can respond, Kosuke Nakajima shoots Joichiro in the head with his X-Gun. The chapter ends with an expression of disbelief on Masaru, Kurono and Joichiro's face.

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