Singing Voice
Gantz 04x01 -035- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 35
Page length 18 pages
Release date October 19, 2001 (tankōbon format)
Arc Tanaka Alien Mission Arc
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Singing Voice (歌声, Utagoe) is the 35th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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Kei Kishimoto is looking towards the viewer, wearing an unbuttoned Gantz suit below her chest and Gantz Suit gloves while seductively taking off her sweater and holding an X-gun in her hand. The pose accentuates her large breasts and small bra. Behind her we see a crouching Kei Kurono in full Gantz Suit, holding onto her waist and looking anxiously to his right, directly beside Kishimoto's breasts.


The chapter begins where the last one left off. A Tanaka Alien is advancing towards Kei Kurono, with several chick-like creatures on and around him. Kurono is anxious and curses his luck for encountering the Alien so early, but is surprised when it simply walks right past him. Questioning whether the Alien can see him or not, he points his X-Gun at it and uses its X-Ray features to scan the Robot-Esq alien, discovering that it is in fact alive. He then experiences a brief moral dilemma at the idea of killing a living being for the first time, having a flashback to only moments before where Joichiro Nishi killed Kosuke Nakajima. He becomes distracted, however, as one of the chick aliens clamps onto his left arm. Whilst he is panicking, he catches the attention of the Tanaka Alien, who looks back at him and says "Yuzo?" in a questioning tone. He repeats this until a nervous Kurono says that he is not Yuzo, causing the Tanaka Alien to turn back to the direction it was facing and stop moving.

The chapter then cuts back to the Gantz Room where others are being teleported to the target location, first Kayo Sugihara, then Masanobu Hojo. When Masanobu teleports in, Kurono waves and shouts at him in an attempt to get his attention. After Masanobu teleports, Suzumura Sadako, Kinji Nishikawa and Haruya Numata also teleport in. Masaru Kato is then next, who tells Kei Kishimoto that he'll see her in a bit. Then goes Ryota Sugihara, leaving only Kishimoto and Tetsuo Nemoto in the room, the latter of which suggests the two of them "have some fun" whilst they are alone.

Masaru attempts to get everyone to gather around him, but most of them are uncooperative. When Kurono sees that Masaru has teleported in, he attempts to walk towards him, before the Tanaka Alien shouts out "Kantaro" stopping him in his tracks.

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