Gantz 04x04 -038- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 38
Page length 17 pages
Release date October 19, 2001 (tankōbon format)
Arc Tanaka Alien Mission Arc
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Underwater Enemy

Sacrifice (いけにえ, Ikenie) is the 38th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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We see a nearly completely naked Kei Kishimoto sitting down, leaning against a wall, wearing nothing but Gantz Suit Boots and Gloves. Her breasts are fully exposed once again. In her hand, she is seen holding an X-gun.


The chapter begins directly after the end of the previous one; Joichiro Nishi is calling for help from the waters below the bridge. When Kei Kurono questions what is wrong, Joichiro explains that his suit has malfunctioned. Joichiro continues to plea for help, but Kei responds, saying that Joichiro was the one who said they weren't partners, whilst Tetsuo Nemoto and Kinji Nishikawa insult and laugh at his desperation. The Tanaka Alien then gets up and begins chasing Joichiro, who begins to cry and wail in fear.

Seeing this, Masaru Kato gets up on the guard rails, asking Kurono how the suit works, stating that if Joichiro dies their most valuable source of information will be lost. When Kurono and Kei Kishimoto only ask him to come down, Masaru jumps in an attempt to save Joichiro. Masaru is too late, however, and the Tanaka Alien unleashes a powerful screech attack directly in front of Joichiro's face, bursting his eyes, ear drums, nasal cavity, and most likely some blood vessels in his mouth due to his inability to speak coherently.

Masaru laments over being too late to save him, but in gurgled and almost indiscernible language, Joichiro tells Masaru to kill the Tanaka Alien so that he may be returned to the Gantz room and become fully healed again. The chapter ends with the Tanaka Alien submerging itself completely under water, in preperation for an attack against Masaru.

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