Gantz 04x07 -041- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 41
Page length 18 pages
Release date October 19, 2001 (tankōbon format)
Arc Tanaka Alien Mission Arc
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Bird (鳥, Tori) is the 41st chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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We see 8 of the current 13 Gantz hunters, in Gantz Suits running across the cover. The eight hunters we see are Tetsuo Nemoto, Haruya Numata, Masaru Kato, Kei Kurono, Kei Kishimoto, Masanobu Hojo, Kayo Sugihara and Ryota Sugihara. Nemoto is seen holding an X-shotgun, while Kurono, Kato and Masanobu are seen holding X-guns. Below them we see a close-up on Kurono's eyes.


Beginning directly after the end of the previous chapter, Masaru Kato is seen holding the Tanaka Alien suit in a tight bear hug, while its true, deformed, bird-like body is seen coming out of the top of the suit, after being restrained by Kei Kurono. Kurono questions the Tanaka Aliens true form and Kei Kishimoto comments on the repulsive smell, before Masaru asks what they should do now. Kurono presses a button on his Restrainer Gun and the Tanaka Alien is transported away in a similar fashion to the way they were transported from the Gantz room.

It is at this point that Tetsuo Nemoto appears on the bridge above, declaring that Kinji Nishikawa is dead, the others present being Haruya Numata and Masanobu Hojo. Masaro throws the Tanaka Alien suit to the side and demands to know where Joichiro Nishi is from Kurono.

When Masaru comes to his side along with everyone else, Joichiro is in a dire state. He is unable to hear Masaru's calls, and Kurono suggests that his eardrums must have ruptured, hence all the blood coming from them. At the realisation that they haven't been transported to the room even after killing the Tanaka Alien, Masaru comes to the conclusion that there may be more Tanaka Aliens, just as there was more than one Onion Alien. When he realises that Joichiro had a locator on his person, he is frustrated to see that it is broken, but Masanobu hands him his own instead. He then sees a marker on said map, proving that there is, in fact, another Tanaka Alien that they must dispose of.

Joichiro soon begins muttering again, mumbling in fear and the pain he is experiencing, causing Kishimoto to hide her face in her hands. Masaru cups his hand to Joichiro's head and shouts into it, in order to send the vibrations through his skull, and states that there is another Tanaka Alien that they must capture. Joichiro shows disbelief at this realisation, and becomes panicked, repeating that he doesn't want to die and not answering any of Masaru's questions. He begins calling out "Mama" over and over again, until he finally perishes, at which point the chapter ends, with Masaru simply stating "He's dead".

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