Unexpected Developments
Gantz 04x09 -043- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 43
Page length 18 pages
Release date October 19, 2001 (tankōbon format)
Arc Tanaka Alien Mission Arc
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Flock of Tanakas

Unexpected Developments (予想外の展開, Yosōgai no Tenkai) is the 43rd chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

A naughty looking Kei Kishimoto wearing only the top half of a Gantz suit around her neck, Gantz suit boots and gloves and loosened bra which is about to fall off. She is sitting on her legs on the ground while holding an X-gun in her hands in front of her legs and visible pubic hair.


The chapter begins with Kei Kurono being taken hostage by Tetsuo Nemoto and Haruya Numata. Tetsuo demands that Kurono give him his gun and Kurono does so, albeit after a moment of hesitation. The two then begin to assault him because of it, breaking his nose and kneeing him in the stomach. Kurono then runs away from the two while they are having a brief conversation about the weapons. He falls over while running prompting them to mock him, and he doesn't get more than a few meters away, but it revealed that he did so in order to gain an X-Gun that happened to be on the ground. Kurono hides the gun in his clothes and begins crying, at which point they begin walking away with him as a hostage.

The chapter then cuts to Masaru Kato with Kei Kurono, Masanobu Hojo, Ryota Sugihara, and Kayo Sugihara. Masaru is trying to get the locator to be more precise, but to no avail, until Ryota begins crying and pointing at a newly appeared Tanaka Alien, which wears an angry expression on its face. Masaru tells the women and children to stay back and that he and Masanobu should try to restrain it, saying it is possible to do with the suits on. Another one appears behind them, however, and just when Masaru tells everyone to split into two groups, a final Tanaka Alien appears floating above them, before crashing into the ground feet first, causing the ground to crack underneath it, at which point the chapter ends.

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