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New Participants (新参者, Shinzanmono) is the 56th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover Page

We see an unknown black guy on the cover. He is shirtless while wearing Gantz Suit Pants and Gloves and is seen holding an X-gun and X-shotgun. He also wears sunglasses and he has the word Gantz seemingly tattooed on him.


The chapter begins with Kei Kurono masturbating in his bed whilst fantasising about having sex with Kei Kishimoto, before smelling her towel and lamenting over the fact that she is really gone and what he said to make her leave.

It then cuts to Masaru Kato and Ayumu Kato who are being scolded by Chikako Matsura for drinking all of her Oolong tea. She tells them to go out and buy her some more tea, which they do. Whilst outside Masaru takes Ayumu on a detour and shows them their new apartment, causing Ayumu to jump and shout in glee. Masaru tells him that they will move in next week, and Masaru tells Ayumu to keep going to school when he suggests working.

The chapter then cuts to the two of them on two separate futons, where Ayumu states that Masaru disappears for long periods of time and that he really can just get a job if Masaru requires him to. Masaru tells him that he needn't worry, and it transitions to Kurono who states that he will be able to see Kishimoto again if he goes back to the apartment, whilst Masaru thinks to himself that he doesn't want to go back. The two of them then feel a chill signifying that they are about to be teleported, and while Kurono jumps in excitement at the realisation, Masaru is only worried.

Kurono begins suiting up and says that he will kill any aliens that he needs to, whilst Masaru quietly promises Ayumu that he will come back. Kurono is paralysed on the toilet and teleports to the room with his pants down, and the chapter ends in the Gantz room with an entirely new group of people standing in front of Kurono.

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