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Chapter 57
Page length 18 pages
Release date February 19, 2002 (tankōbon format)
Arc Buddhist Temple Alien Mission Arc
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Preacher (説法者, Seppōsha) is the 57th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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An Unknown Woman from Cover 57|unknown woman wearing nothing but Gantz Suit Boots and Gloves while holding an X-gun in her right hand. She has long, curly hair, large breasts and thick pouty lips.


The chapter begins with Musō Tokugawa attempting to explain to everyone present where they are, claiming that everyone is dead and that they are in a testing place after death before they are able to continue to paradise, eliciting laughter from Kei Kurono.

Masaru Kato then teleports in, and after Musō attempts to explain what is going on, Masaru asks Kurono instead, who states that he doesn't know. Rice teleports in out of frame next, followed by Masanobu Hojo then Sadayo Suzumura, the latter of which startles Hojo. Kei Kishimoto is the last to appear, teleporting in sleeping causing Rice to lick her face and wake her up. She expresses delight upon seeing Masaru and doesn't even seem to notice Kurono, much to his dismay.

Musō once again asks them whether they have any questions as to where they are, and Masaru humours him. Muso once again states that they are in a sort of limbo in-between heaven and hell, and after Masaru asks, explains that the only way to reach heaven is to atone through reciting chants.

Masaru corrects him, however, asking how he is qualified to say where exactly they are, and explains that they are alive and in a hunting ground, and that the only way to escape is to co-operate. Muso states that Masaru is simply confused, and the chapter ends with Kurono laughing at the priest's delusions.

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