Gantz 06x02 -060- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 60
Page length 18 pages
Release date May 17, 2002 (tankōbon format)
Arc Buddhist Temple Alien Mission Arc
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Guide (案内人, Annainin) is the 60th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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A fierce looking Kei Kurono wearing a Gantz Suit. Also the name gantz is emposed in white on his left side multiple times.


We first see Kei Kurono and Sei Sakuraoka naked and having sex standing against a wall, before Kurono suggests that they should put on their suits. They walk back into the Gantz room together in order for Sei to retrieve her suit, and Masaru Kato tells Masanobu Hojo that they should get changed even if the newcomers won't; Kei Kishimoto walks into te corridor in order to do so and Rice can be seen in the background, tugging on Sadayo Suzumura's shirt.

When the chapter cuts to the next scene, Masaru, Hojo, Kishimoto and Rice are seen wearing their Gantz suit, and Kurono and Sei are in the corridor, with Sei changing into her own. Masaru states that they need to convince the newcomers to wear their suits somehow, telling Hojo that he doesn't want anyone to die. Kiyoshi Miyafuji is then seen pinching Gantz's cheek, and when he asks Masaru who "the man" is, he is unable to respond, also stating "dunno" when asked who the leader of the operation is. Masaru confirms that they need to where the suits and use the weapons in order to kill the Alien targets, causing some of the newcomers to snicker at the idea of aliens. Miyafuji supports the idea, however, suggesting that drawing people out of thin air as the Gantz ball does would be impossible with their current technology. He then assumes that the ball moves people to another place moments before they die, although this only earns mocking laughter from Musō Tokugawa. Kiyoshi then decides to wear the suit after Masaru states that it will increase his chances at survival.

When Masanobu begins teleporting away, Musō states that he is being sent to hell, and Masanobu pleas with them to put on their suits. When they refuse, Masanobu grabs Yuta Kondo and Tomashiro Jiro by their collars and lifts them into the air using the strength from the suit. When they attempt to knee him in the face, they state that he is as hard as steel. This causes JJ to rise and kick him in the head. Hojo is then briefly seen near some sort of temple, and the chapter ends with JJ repeatedly punching Masaru in the stomach to no avail, and him simply saying that wearing the suits will protect them.

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