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Gate (門, Mon) is the 61st chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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An unknown girl in full Gantz suit, sitting upright looking perky.


The chapter begins with Kiyoshi Miyafuji being teleported to the Rateiin Temple, with Kishimoto Kei, Rice and Masanobu Hojo already there having been teleported before him. Musō Tokugawa states that Kiyoshi is going to hell, and Shunichi Ike begins grovelling at his feet, asking what hell is like before he is teleported also. Masaru Kato tells them that they aren't going to hell and that they should at least keep their suits and weapons with them even if they won't wear them, which they comply with.

Kei Kurono is the next to teleport, followed soon after by Masaru after Musō holds a bead bracelet up to him. Musō tells him to enjoy his afterlife, but soon he is the only one left in the room and begins crying when he is eventually teleported away. Tomashiro Jiro and Kiyoshi discuss leaving the area, which Masaru tells them not to do before Kiyoshi points towards what appears to be extremely large statues and asks whether they are the aliens they are supposed to target.

Most of the newcomers continue to walk away and towards the edge of the game area, and before Masaru can tell them to stop, Shunichi leaves the area, causing his head to explode. Masaru tells them that they have bombs in their and that if they travel any further they will explode, causing them to walk back to the temple.

The chapter then cuts to Masaru and several others trying to enter the temple doors which appear to be locked, and the chapter ends with Masaru blowing open the doors with his X-Gun and the alien statue turning its eyes towards the explosion.

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