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My Destructive Self (破壊の僕, Hakai no Boku) is the 67th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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A mature looking Kei Kishimoto is seen sitting down on her legs while wearing Gantz Suit Boots, a Gantz collar, a Gantz string bikini and an X-gun gun holster with X-gun. She is leaning forward while smiling and tilting her head to the right, while she pushes her breasts together with her arms, exemplifying their size and her cleavage.


The chapter begins directly after the end of the previous one, with Juzo Togo having just blown apart the Buddha Alien's head with his X-Gun. He then proceeds to shoot its arm while it is restrained by Kei Kurono, blowing it off once the delay ends and killing the alien. Tomashiro Jiro and Akitoshi Okazaki initially believe that Kurono was the one who killed the alien, with the latter blushing as he walks past. Kurono walks up to Masaru Kato and Kei Kishimoto, but the latter only avoids his gaze when he looks at her, causing him to walk past the two of them to Sei Sakuraoka instead, who welcomes him back. Akitoshi then proceeds to shoot the alien carcass repeatedly, before Masaru tells Kishimoto that Kurono wasn't the one who shot the alien.

Meanwhile, Sei asks Kurono if he will go out with her if they make it out of the mission alive. Kurono is surprised by this initially, causing her to believe that he doesn't want to, but he agrees to it after a short moment of silence, causing Sei to blush and say that she will drive him around some time since she just got her driver's licence.

While their conversation is going on, Masaru asks Juzo to come down from the roof he is on to ask him a question. He jumps down with a roll (though he may have simply fallen over) and after Masaru asks if he sniped it, states that he had been testing the weapon since they arrived at the shrine and that it is accurate for up to a kilometre.

The chapter ends with Tomashiro near the alien carcass, where he spots another Buddha alien on a roof opposite them before it jumps down onto ground level.

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