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Arrival of Teachings (外道降臨, Gedō Kōrin) is the 68th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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We again see a more mature looking Kei Kishimoto, this time she is seen wearing only a Gantz Suit Gloves, Neck Piece and a cross body empty X-gun holster, she is holding an x-gun in her right hand while folding her arms underneath her breast, popping them upwards and covering her nipples.


The chapter begins with Tomashiro Jiro and Yuta Kondo being stared at by a small Buddha Alien before switching to the other group, where Akitoshi Okazaki is staring dreamily at Kei Kurono. When Kurono notices he expresses disgust and Sei Sakuraoka who is sat next to him suggests that he might be gay. Kiyoshi Miyafuji questions whether he was able to do all that because of his Gantz suit, leading Akioshi to ask if he can do so also since Kiyoshi is also wearing his suit.

Transitioning back to Tomashiro and Yuta, the Buddha Alien is now directly in front of them, and Tomashiro comments that although it is significantly smaller than the previous Buddha Alien they fought, it is still over 2 metres tall. Yuta turns down Tomashiro's suggestion to go get the others and instead takes it upon himself to defeat the alien. The alien begins speaking in gibberish before thrusting at Yuta with its trident-like weapon, knicking him in the side before he captures the alien's arm in a lock and repeatedly headbutting it. This catches the attention of the group due to the large ruckus the two are making, specifically JJ who spots another large group of Buddhas behind them.

A large scale fight breaks out, catching the attention of Kurono also who tells Sei that he needs to go as well. Just as he says this, however, a massive Buddha alien emerges from the shrine temple building, at which point the chapter ends.

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