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Cornered Rats (窮鼠, Kyūso) is the 69th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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A mature looking Kei Kishimoto and an Unknown Girl are seen, with the former lying on top of the latter, causing their breasts to be pushed together. Kishimoto is seen wearing white lace underwear and a Gantz suit glove on her left hand while holding and leaning on an X-shotgun. The unknown girl has tanned skin and just-above-shoulder-length blonde hair, and is wearing much more erotic lingerie; a much smaller black bikini which reveals her large breasts and a black g-string with a zipper in front which has been zipped down, to such a degree that her pubic hair is visible. She is also seen wearing a Gantz Suit glove on her left hand while holding an X-gun. Kei Kishimoto is smiling while the unknown girl makes a pouty mouth.


The chapter begins with the Giant Buddha alien stepping out of the temple and standing at full height. All of the hunters express shock at the sight before Kei Kurono says that he will kill it. Sei Sakuraoka tells him not to anything stupid when he rushes towards. After reaching the alien, Kurono stands in shock for a moment at the sheer size of it before shooting it twice in the foot. When the delay ends it blows off chunks of the alien's flesh, but the amount is insignificant due to the sheer size of it and Kurono expresses frustration at his lack of firepower.

Immediately afterwards, however, the Buddha Alien kicks Kurono with enough force to send him flying to the other side of the temple. Masaru Kato rushes out with Kei Kishimoto in tow and shouts, telling everyone to shoot at its legs before speaking to Juzo Togo specifically and asking him to snipe the smaller Buddha Aliens.

The chapter ends with a passerby exiting his car and walking into the temple, expressing shock at the massive damage it has sustained and unable to see any of the aliens or hunters.

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