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Slaughter (劇殺, Gekisatsu) is the 74th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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An upright standing Kei Kishimoto is seen in a tight fighting body accentuating full gantz suit, complete with X-gun holster without the X-gun which she is holding in her hands. Her head is tilted towards the right and she is smiling as she looks towards the viewer.


The chapter begins with the Daibutsu Alien stomping wildly as it clutches its head in agony, causing Masaru Kato, Masanobu Hojo and Kei Kishimoto to run in panic for cover. The alien falls forwards, dead, soon after, and after Masaru asks where Kei Kurono went Tomashiro Jiro says that he vanished in mid-air. Kurono suddenly emerges from the alien's mouth, however, stating that he entered through its forehead and shot it from the inside. He walks past Masaru, Masanobu and Kishimoto, and everyone present gives him a look of mixed emotion, other than Sei Sakuraoka who hugs him when he walks over to her.

Gantz everyone looks at Kurono with mixed emotions.png

Masanobu then looks at his tracker and tells Masaru that there are two targets left and that there are 30 minutes remaining. Masaru then tells everyone to split into two groups with either him or Masanobu; JJ, Tomashiro, Yuta Kondo and Sadayo Suzumura go with Masanobu and Kurono, Sei and Kishimoto go with Masaru. As Masanobu's group goes to find one of the targets, Masaru tells Juzo Togo to stay on the roof where he is before they go off to find the second target. While they are running, Masaru asks Kurono if he is dating Sei and the latter states that they will go on a date once they make it back alive. Masaru states that they should all live and make it back alive in that case, before stating that it should be easy after Kurono defeated the Daibutsu Alien.

Masanobu and his team reach some sort of shrine where their target is supposedly located, and just before they enter Masanobu asks Sadayo to show him her "pretty face" again, though the latter only hides behind a pillar in response.

Masaru and his team simultaneously surround their target just as Masanobu and his enter the shrine to find several Buddha Aliens, which are revealed to be so after being scanned with Masanobu's X-Gun. He states that they should be easier than the Daibutsu Alien and the chapter ends with the Buddha Aliens boss speaking in a strange language.

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