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Resignation (諦念, Teinen) is the 79th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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An unknown girl lying nearly completely naked upside down on a bed wearing only a bikini top and Gantz Suit Boots and Gloves, while holding an X-gun. Her legs are pressed together covering up her crotch area.


The chapter begins with Sei Sakuraoka rushing to aid a severely injured Kei Kurono in front of the Kannon alien, Kurono stating that he couldn't defeat it. Sei rhetorically asks whether the alien is planning on killing them and it doesn't respond, only preparing its corrosive attack. Sei then asks Masaru Kato what they should do as he is the de facto leader of the group, who is still grieving over the death of Kei Kishimoto. Sei's question snaps him out of his trance, and after she clarifies that Kurono is missing an arm and a leg but isn't dead yet, Masaru tells her that they need to find a safe place to think of something, and asks whether she is able to bring Kurono with her. She says that they should give it a try and prepares to pick up Kurono before seeing that the alien has prepared another vase full of the extremely corrosive liquid that killed Kishimoto, Masanobu Hojo and Sadayo Suzumura earlier. Masaru kisses Kishimoto's corpse once on the lips, and after Sei dodges the corrosive attack with Kurono in her arms, the three of them escape from the shrine, with Masaru looking back at the corpses of Kishimoto, Masanobu and Sadayo. They look for a safe place to hide near the Grumpy Alien's corpse and the Kannon exits the shrine soon after.

Masaru and Sei attempt to close Kurono's wounds but are unable to stop the bleeding. Meanwhile, Tomashiro Jiro and Yuta Kondo have just put on their suits and are about to attempt to ambush the Kannon from behind. The chapter ends with Kurono asking Masaru to kill him and Masaru preparing to fire his X-Gun, despite Sei's protests.

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