Cold Words
Gantz 07x11 -081- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 81
Page length 17 pages
Release date September 19, 2002 (tankōbon format)
Arc Buddhist Temple Alien Mission Arc
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Do-or-Die Woman

Cold Words (冷たい言葉, Tsumetai Kotoba) is the 81st chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

A close up of the very sweaty, hot looking body of Reika Shimohira. The part of her body seen stretches from her upper legs towards the bottom of her face. She is leaning forward slightly while her face is tilted up. She is seen wearing Gantz suit gloves, as well as a short sports bra and panties and a holster on her right thigh. She is holding an X-Gun, and her sports bra is drenched enough to give a clear outline of her nipples.


The chapter begins with Tomashiro Jiro and Yuta Kondo panicking over the loss of their left hands before asking where the Kannon Alien went, which was seemingly killed in the previous chapter when Juzo Togo blew it apart using his X-Rifle. The Kannon's healing device survived, however, causing the alien to completely regenerate its body and shoot at Juzo with a laser beam. Juzo manages to avoid the attack and begins crawling further up the roof that he was perched on before the alien kills Tomashiro and Yuta using its swords, cutting them to pieces.

The chapter then cuts to Masaru Kato who has just found his capture gun. He then looks down at Kei Kishimoto's corpse and apologises to her before one of the Kannon's guards appears before him. Masaru initially takes a kick from the alien without flinching, but after seeing that his Gantz suit is close to malfunctioning, chooses to try to avoid the aliens attacks. Masaru pulls out his X-pistol and prepares to fire, but the alien kicks it out of his hand before he can do so.

It then transitions to Sei Sakuraoka who is kneeling next to a severely injured Kei Kurono. Sei asks Kurono why he chose to be with her and whether it was because he liked her. Kurono denies this, stating that he only did so because she let him have sex with her, and the chapter ends with the Kannon approaching the two of them from around the corner.

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