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Human Language (人語, Jingo) is the 85th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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A near-naked woman is seen with her back against a mirror; her back and buttocks are visible in the mirror's reflection while her front and bushy pubic hair are facing slightly to the right, still clearly visible to the viewer. She is seen wearing Gantz suit gloves and is holding two X-Pistols, each covering one of her nipples. Her head is tilted forwards slightly and her mouth is slightly ajar, while her hair is long and brightly coloured.


The chapter begins with Masaru Kato shocked at the sight of Sei Sakuraoka's corpse before he begins crying and shuts her eyes, apologising while he does so. He then runs towards Kei Kurono and sobs even harder as he believes him to be dead, also. Kurono wakes up, however, and after Masaru promises to defeat the Kannon tells him not to die. He then walks away, taking the Kannon's sword that was lodged in the wall and running off.

He is then seen walking past the corpses of the Rowdy Alien, Tomashiro Jiro and Yuta Kondo, expressing frustration as he didn't want anyone to die. He temporarily questions himself, asking if he will really be able to defeat the Kannon, but after thinking of his little brother, he decides that he must survive no matter what.

Looking around fruitlessly for the alien, the Kannon suddenly appears a few metres behind Masaru. The alien brings up its laser device and Masaru, still facing away from it, prepares to pull out his capture gun, until the alien activated the laser device. Rather than hitting Masaru, however, it instead cut the hand off Kiyoshi Miyafuji who was attempting to sneak up on the alien using the cloaking device he obtained from Masaru. The alien soon finishes him off, cutting him into pieces with its laser, before proceeding to rip out and eat his brain. This causes Masaru to snap, screaming while pulling out his capture gun, but before he can pull the trigger, the alien speaks in intelligable Japanese for the first time, saying "wait... It's me!", at which point the chapter ends.

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