Gantz 09x05 -099- chapter cover
Chapter Information
Chapter 99
Page length 17 pages
Release date May 19, 2003 (tankōbon format)
Arc Shorty Alien Mission Arc
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Deranged (錯乱, Sakuran) is the 99th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

The panty covered backside of an unknown woman is seen, who is wearing a hitched up skirt and a white top, as well as an X-Gun holster on her right thigh with and X-Gun in it and a Gantz Suit glove on her left hand. She is seen arching her back, exaggerating her behind and making it more prominent to the viewer.

Synopsis Edit

Gantz aliens dismember Kurono

The Shorty Aliens seemingly dismember Kurono

The chapter begins with the Shorty Aliens attempting to rip off Kei Kurono's arms as he shouts in protest. Kurono attempts to use his Gantz suit to resist the aliens, the suit visibly contorting and straining under the force, but the aliens are seemingly able to dismember Kurono regardless, much to his dismay. As it turns out, however, the aliens only ripped off the arms of Kurono's suit, and while they are distracted, Kurono runs away, using his Gantz suit in order to leap from roof to roof, with the aliens in close pursuit.

Gantz Kurono is unharmed and escapes

Kurono is unharmed and manages to escape

Kurono reaches the roof where his Gantz rifles are and shoots the three aliens chasing after him while they are in mid-air and are unable to dodge, blowing them all apart and killing them before they can touch the ground. The chapter ends with Kurono looking across to the other roof where a single Shorty Alien is standing, who telepathically tells him that he knows his fighting style and will not forgive him for what he has done.

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