Chapter Information
Chapter 163
Page length 17 pages
Release date July 16, 2004 (tankōbon format)
Arc Dinosaur Alien Mission Arc
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Seminar (セミナー, Seminā) is the 163th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

The cover is a page taken from the actual chapter. Akira Kurono's girlfriend is seen in only socks and a pair of panties, shaving Akira's face with a razor. She accidentally nicks him with the razor blade and apologises, but Akira says that he is fine, showing her his face which has no visible cut.


The chapter begins with Akira Kurono sitting down on a chair while his girlfriend sits in his lap and shaves his face. She accidentally cuts his face and apologises profusely, but Akira states that he is fine, showing her his face which has no visible cut. She then sees his back which appears to have some sort of rash on it, and she states that he should probably see a dermatologist about it. Akira then admits to her that he feels cold inside and believes that he wouldn't care if the world just ended, but she simply spoons him and states that she feels that way as well sometimes.

He is then seen walking in the street by himself and begins to experience headaches before being hit by a car. He gets up quickly, however, seemingly undamaged, and walks away from the driver when asked if he is okay. A woman on the street asks him to come inside a building, and he wonders why he came as he sits in a room and listens to a talk with several other people. The man speaking goes on to explain the strange changes in Akira's life, explaining that Nanomachines are able to infect people like a virus and replace the cells in their bodies, strengthening them in the process, but are required to devour human blood and will experience headaches and a bat-shaped skin rash on their back if they do not do so, hence they are called Vampires. A picture of Shion Izumi then appears on the screen, shown as an example of a vampire hunter and a Vampires natural enemy.

Akira leaves the talk and is greeted by a group of his friends before they are subsequently massacred by a group of katana wielding Vampires, including Hikawa. Akira doesn't show any reaction other than mild surprise, however, and one of the vampires then allows him to drink the blood of one of his dead friends.

Akira is then seen meeting his brother, Kei Kurono, at the train station by accident, while the latter is with Tae Kojima. Akira simply walks away from him, however, at which point the chapter ends.

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