Shibuya at 5pm
Chapter Information
Chapter 164
Page length 17 pages
Release date July 16, 2004 (tankōbon format)
Arc Dinosaur Alien Mission Arc
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Shibuya at 5pm (渋谷で5時, Shibuya de Goji) is the 164th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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Reika Shimohira is seen from just below the knees upwards, wearing an augmented Gantz Suit while holding a sword in her right hand and an X-Pistol in her left, while looking over her shoulder. The suit has been adjusted to appear like a thin G-String below her waist, clearly showing her buttocks and a partial view of her genitalia.


The chapter begins with Kei Kurono watching his television in his apartment, showing Hoi Hoi being recaptured after wandering around Tokyo for several days after the end of the Dinosaur Alien Mission. It then briefly talks about the Shinjuku massacre where a reported 387 people were killed or wounded, eliciting an emotional response from Kurono who knows the identity of the culprit to be Shion Izumi.

Gantz Saitou

Saitou makes his appearance

Back at Kurono's school, his friends are also seen discussing it by his table, speculating as to who may be the culprit before Kurono sees Tae Kojima outside of his classroom. Kurono tells Tae to stay away from Shion without elaboration why, and although confused she says that she will listen to him. She then states that Kurono has been hiding a number of things from her recently, including something to do with his Gantz Suit being at the Government Building after she woke up, which makes Kurono extremely nervous under the threat of his head being blown up by Gantz if Tae realises the truth. Shion then walks up to Kurono and asks to talk with him in private.

On the school rooftop, Shion tells Kurono to keep his mouth shut about what he knows about the Shinjuku massacre, saying that he would gain nothing from it as the police wouldn't believe him. Kurono states that he cannot do such a thing and that Shion is too dangerous, but the latter states that if he did so and was forced to explain everything to Tae, his head would explode.

Shion and his girlfriend, Ryouko, then meet Tae and Kurono outside of the school gates, with the girls deciding to go to Shibuya despite Kurono's minor objections.

At Shibuya, Shion is spotted by a random Vampire who recognises him as one of the "Vampire Hunters" from a picture that was taken from him, the vampire making a call to presumably one of his superiors. A number of other vampire groups are then called in order to ambush them, namely Saitou in particular, and the chapter ends with the four of them being surrounded on all sides by a large group of vampires.

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