The Game of Death
Chapter Information
Chapter 167
Page length 16 pages
Release date December 17, 2004 (tankōbon format)
Arc Ring Alien Mission Arc
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The Game of Death (死亡遊戯, Shibō Yūgi) is the 167th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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A full view from the side of Saitou and Shion Izumi staring each other down, swords in hand.


The chapter begins with Shion Izumi facing off against Saitou, each with a sword in hand and preparing to duel. Shion raises his sword and thinks to himself that he must be careful, as Saitou appears more powerful than the other Vampires and his suit is no longer functioning, before calming himself down and relenting to first reading the latter's moves. The two come at each other and Saitou is able to cut a piece of Shion's hair and the bag from his shoulders.

Shion defeats Saitou

Shion removes Saitou's arms with a single swing of his sword

The chapter then transitions to Kei Kurono with Tae Kojima and Ryouko, who is unconscious. Kurono tells Tae that he will go looking for Shion before the latter grabs him by his shirt sleeve and pulls him into a hug, causing Kurono to suggest that he stay with her instead. She tells him that she is fine and that he should go looking for Shion, but she is visibly shaking while doing so.

While still in their duel, Saitou seemingly has the upper hand against Shion, landing glancing blows on his clothes while Shion is unable to swing his weapon. When Kurono comes along and watches, however, thinking to himself that he will not save Shion if dying here is apart of his fate, Shion is able to cut Saitou's arms from his body, seemingly motivated by a need to surpass Kurono, and the chapter ends with Shion decapitating Saitou and Kurono looking on in mild distress.

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