Chapter Information
Chapter 170
Page length 17 pages
Release date December 17, 2004 (tankōbon format)
Arc Ring Alien Mission Arc
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Separation (別離, Betsuri) is the 170th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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This cover is part of the actual chapter it shows Kei Kurono embracing his girlfriend Tae Kojima who is surprised about it.


The chapter begins with Kei Kurono contemplating breaking up with Tae Kojima in order to keep her safe before he meets her on their school rooftop. Tae suggests going to Roppongi which Kurono agrees to while embracing her, which shocks her slightly.

When Kurono returns to his classroom, however, it becomes apparent that he and Reika Shimohira were followed on their secret date, with a photograph of the two of them appearing in a magazine. Kurono denies the allegations but rumours spread quickly, regardless, with Tae hearing about it in her own classroom, also, though she appears to pay it no mind.

While they are walking together outside of school, Tae brings the topic up and asks if it really was him that went on a date with Reika, which Kurono refuses. She then states that if Kurono wished to be in a relationship with Reika, he shouldn't refrain from doing so simply because of her, before saying that it was a joke and loudly shouting that she doesn't want Kurono to be taken from her.

While the two of them are at their respective homes, Kurono cries while thinking of what would be worse than Tae dying, while the latter is painting a picture of him in her room. When Tae's mother asks her to go buy some tea, she does so before seeing the magazine featuring Reika and Kurono in the store, picking it up and reading it while her heart beats rapidly.

She then phones Kurono when she gets back home, and he quickly realises that she has learned the truth. Tae hangs up the phone while crying and Kurono can be seen sobbing while looking at pictures that the two have taken together.

The chapter ends with Kurono revealing that Tae stopped visiting his house after that night and that she seemed to disappear right in front of him.

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