Chapter Information
Chapter 174
Page length 17 pages
Release date December 17, 2004 (tankōbon format)
Arc Kill Tae Kojima Mission Arc
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Target (標的, Hyōteki) is the 174th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

This cover is part of the actual chapter it shows the opened standard sphere announcing that it is now time for the grading to begin, with the counter being at zero.


The chapter begins with the players briefly celebrating the completion of their mission and the fact that nobody died, with the exception of Yoshiharu Ueda who no one seemingly acknowledges. Gantz begins distributing points, which are as follows:

Kenzo Sakata - 10 points, Yoshikazu Suzuki - 10 points, Shion Izumi - 10 points and Kei Kurono - 20 points.

While this is happening, Ayaka Uranaka asks to see Reika Shimohira privately, and after a brief exchange admits that she was gang-raped by the other new players before the car that they were in was hit, killing everyone inside and sending them to the room. Reika lets her use her cell phone to contact the police and when the perpetrators come up to her to see if she is really Reika, she looks at them scornfully while shielding Ayaka.

No one is able to leave the room, however, which surprises both the old and new players. Gantz begins to play the exercise song, signalling the start of a new mission, and the chapter ends with Kurono's distraught expression as he sees Tae Kojima's face appear on the black ball, showing her to be their next target.

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