Chapter Information
Chapter 176
Page length 17 pages
Release date December 17, 2004 (tankōbon format)
Arc Kill Tae Kojima Mission Arc
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Escape (逃走, Tōsō) is the 176th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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This cover is part of the actual chapter it shows Shion Izumi leading all the other hunters in pursuit of Kei Kurono who he tells them to kill first. The four remaining rapists are the most eager and excited to follow him.


The chapter begins with Kei Kurono standing outside of Tae Kojima's house, the two making eye contact before Tae ducks down to avoid his gaze. Shion Izumi, meanwhile, is leading the rest of the hunters in pursuit of Kurono and Tae, telling them to kill him first.

Tae lifts her head once again and once she sees Kurono tearing up in front of her house, she walks downstairs to meet him. Kurono sees the other hunters before this, however, and enters her house to meet her inside instead. Once the others reach Tae's home, Shion walks up to her door alone while Kurono stands a short distance away on the other side, his X-Gun raised, allowing him to see an X-Ray image of Shion behind the door. Rather than open it, however, Shion instead stabs it with his sword and extends it inwards, almost hitting Kurono and Tae and forcing them to retreat upstairs, allowing Shion to enter unrestricted.

Kurono jumps out of the window with Tae in his arms while Shion and the rapists are on the second floor, and Kouki Inaba is about to shoot him but hesitates instead. Reika Shimohira tells him to run when Shion demands that they shoot him, and the chapter ends with Kurono running away with Tae while an explosion caused by an X-Gun detonates nearby.

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