Chapter Information
Chapter 179
Page length 18 pages
Release date April 19, 2005 (tankōbon format)
Arc Kill Tae Kojima Mission Arc
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Trackless (無軌道, Mukidō) is the 179th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

This cover is part of the actual chapter, showing Shion Izumi and Kenzo Sakata wearing their Gantz suits and engaged in an intense battle, or rather, shows Kenzo being cut in half by Shion's extendible sword which he tries to dodge but fails to do so.


The chapter begins with Shion Izumi about to kill Kenzo Sakata by cutting him in half with his extendable Katana. Kenzo uses his powers to lessen the blow, however, resulting in a less severe but still mortal wound down his chest instead. Hiroto Sakurai runs to his side and is about to use his powers on Shion, but chooses not to do so when Shion threatens to decapitate him.

Yoshikazu Suzuki engages in a brief confrontation with the Gang Rapists which results in both of his legs being shot off as he tries to run away. They then surround and shoot at him in order to finish him off, but miss all of their shots, though they do not realise this as they run off before the delay on the X-Gun wears off, allowing Yoshikazu to survive the encounter, although gravely wounded.

Kouki Inaba has a brief exchange with Daizaemon Kaze, asking if he really views Kei Kurono as his leader before asking why they should all have to kill each other for Kurono's sake, which Daizaemon does not respond to.

Joji Tomioka manages to disarm Ayaka Uranaka who allows him to do so with little force, Joji running away while leaving Ayaka in tears.

Kurono is seen with Tae Kojima, telling her to hide in the front patio of a random house before turning himself invisible, stating that he will be nearby watching her. The chapter ends with Kaoru Iwamoto discovering Tae in her hiding spot, having tracked her position with his tracker.

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