Chapter Information
Chapter 187
Page length 18 pages
Release date April 19, 2005 (tankōbon format)
Arc Oni Alien Mission Arc
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Investigation (捜査, Sōsa) is the 187th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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Reika Shimohira is seen wearing nothing but a bikini bra, Gantz suit gloves and boots and a holster around her right thigh. She is holding an X-Pistol in her right arm next to the holster while leaning forwards, her right leg coming slightly off the ground as she does so.


Gantz Tonkotsu stalked by phantom killer

Tonkotsu stalked by the Phantom Killer while speaking to Hiroto Sakurai on her phone

The chapter begins with Hiroto Sakurai confessing his murder of his bullies to Tonkotsu, who is listening patiently, Hiroto becoming very emotional while doing this and crying slightly. Tonkotsu is initially sceptical when Hiroto states that he did so with telekinetic powers, though she is polite in doing so, until Hiroto uses his powers to lift her slightly off her bed, thoroughly convincing her. Tonkotsu then says that in order to redeem himself he should use his powers to save people. She uses his computer and tells him about a "Phantom killer" who still hasn't been caught, insinuating that they should attempt to apprehend him.

Later on, they proceed to find the scene of one of the killer's murders, the bloodstain having still not disappeared. They go to their respective homes after this.

The next day Hiroto is seen having his normal classes before meeting Tonkotsu outside his school. The two split up to search once more, but soon after she rings Hiroto to inform him that the killer is following her from behind, loudly speaking as though her mother is the one she is talking to so as not to alert the murderer. The chapter ends with Tonkotsu about to enter the park and telling Hiroto this, while the killer stalks her with a knife in hand.

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