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Muscle Rider (きんにくらいだー, Kinniku Raidā) is the 189th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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Reika Shimohira is seen from the knees up wearing a very small one-piece bathing suit which shows a large amount of cleavage, a pair of Gantz Suit gloves and an X-Gun holster around her right thigh, while she holds an X-Pistol in her right hand. She is facing slightly to the right while looking over her left shoulder, away from the reader.


Takeshi is resurrected by Gantz, sitting in front of the regular players

The chapter begins with Takeshi Koumoto playing in the street, with random passerby's gossiping about the domestic abuse which is rumoured to go on inside his family's house. Takeshi soon returns home to find his mother sleeping in bed, asking if he can eat a pudding he found in the fridge, which she allows.

Takeshi finishes the pudding before his mother's abusive boyfriend returns home, causing him to become visibly nervous. She kisses him on the cheek after asking how much money he lost that day while he plays a video game, and the two agree to go sing Karaoke later. When he discovers that his pudding has been eaten, he goes into a range and pulls on Takeshi's Mother's hair, causing her to tell the boyfriend that Takeshi ate it. He then begins hitting Takeshi also, and after the mother tells him not to Takeshi's head so as not to alert any social workers, he violently begins kicking his body instead. He begins begging for "muscle rider", a figment of his imagination, to come save him, which only prompts the boyfriend to hit him more.

His mother and the abusive boyfriend soon depart for karaoke, with the latter noting that Takeshi has not moved for several hours, though neither of them shows any concern. Takeshi begins shaking violently after they leave, vomiting and leaking blood through his mouth as he draws another illustration of muscle rider while begging him to save him, before dying face up on the floor.

Takeshi is then resurrected by Gantz into the Tokyo Gantz Room, and the chapter ends with Takeshi looking at Daizaemon Kaze with awe, believing him to be Muscle Rider.

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