The Oni Is Outside
Chapter Information
Chapter 193
Page length 17 pages
Release date July 19, 2005 (tankōbon format)
Arc Oni Alien Mission Arc
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Street Fight

The Oni Is Outside (オニは外, Oni wa Soto) is the 193rd chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

The cover is a part of the actual chapter, showing Reika Shimohira being surrounded by a group of Oni Alien Footsoldiers while Confused Shoppers point at them wondering it is some kind of movie shoot.


Gantz Reika fighting

Reika Shimohira fights for her life while Manabu Shirokuma is slaughtered.

Gantz Kouki boss

Kouki Inaba claims to be the Hunters' "Boss" after one of the Vampires demands to see them

The chapter begins with Reika Shimohira being surrounded by a group of Oni Aliens, one of them showing her a cellphone which has all of the Hunters positions marked on a map, showing them where they are at all times. Reika attempts to ask them why they are forced to play the Gantz game, but the Oni aliens are oblivious and simply discuss the idea of raping her, instead.

Masafumi Shirokuma, Jouji Morozumi and Manabu Yamaguchi are also surrounded and attempt to surrender, but Masafumi is seen about to be splashed with an extremely corrosive material produced by the aliens before the chapter transitions.

Kei Kurono and Yoshikazu Suzuki are also surrounded together, Shion Izumi is surrounded by himself and is seen clutching his sheathed Gantz Sword, Hiroto Sakurai and Kenzo Sakata are surrounded together and Daizaemon Kaze leaves Takeshi Koumoto and tells him to hide nearby before Takeshi is surrounded also.

Reika Shimohira is seen killing several of the aliens who planned to rape her while Masafumi is killed and Jouji and Mababu run in terror.

Naoichi Mikawa, Joji Tomioka, Kouki Inaba and Ayaka Uranaka encounter a large group of Vampires, one of them asking who their leader is, and the chapter ends with Kouki claiming to have that role.

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