Chapter Information
Chapter 196
Page length 18 pages
Release date July 19, 2005 (tankōbon format)
Arc Oni Alien Mission Arc
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Burning Type
Close Combat

Transposition (転位, Ten'i) is the 196th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover PageEdit

Reika Shimohira is seen completely nude, save for a pair of Gantz suit gloves and boots, and is lying down on her front while smiling and looking slightly ajar from the viewer.

Synopsis Edit

Hiroto ambushed

Hiroto Sakurai is ambushed by the Fire Oni Alien Leader

Hiroto Sakurai is completely engulfed in flames from the Fire Oni Alien Leader, undamaged due to his Gantz suit but unable to breathe due to the intense heat. Kenzo Sakata attempts to save him but is blasted away with a powerful stream of fire before Hiroto charges forwards through the flames.

Tonkotsu can then briefly be seen speaking with Hiroto's mother, who states that she doesn't know where he is and that he isn't answering his cell phone.

A flashback is then seen of Tonkotsu asking Hiroto to be in a romantic relationship with him, Hiroto blushing and clearly attracted to her but stating that he cannot accept since he does not know when he will die. Tonkotsu is shocked by this but Hiroto then states that he will answer her tomorrow.

Back in the present, Hiroto jumps into a fountain in order to put out the flames surrounding him, while Kenzo engages with the Oni Alien himself, firing at him several times with his X-Gun. The alien sends him flying once again, however, before throwing a massive volley of fireballs towards the fountain that Hiroto is still in. The alien walks away believing Hiroto to be dead before the latter emerges from the fountain, stating that he now knows how the alien's fire "flows". He manages to deflect the alien's fire attacks using his powers and closes in on him, in an attempt to kill the alien by cutting off blood vessels in his brain. The alien disappears in flames, however, confusing Hiroto, before Kenzo tells him to give up and run away. Hiroto does not listen, and the chapter ends with the alien reappearing directly behind Hiroto with its fingers nearing his Gantz suit's weak points.

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