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Lovely Stalker (ラブリーストーカー, Raburī Sutōkā) is the 224th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover Page

This cover is part of the actual chapter it shows Tae Kojima in her overly girly bedroom, clutching her bedsheets looking saddened while wearing her PJ's. The text to the side says: These happy dreams hurt my heart more then nightmares.


The chapter begins with Tae Kojima waking up from a dream about Kei Kurono running up to her and saying he missed her. She looks at her picture of him, though she can't remember his name and starts to cry, though she herself doesn't know why.

She shows the picture to her mom who reveals that he's a boy she used to date named Kei Kurono. On the way to school, she runs into Kurono and attempts to show him the picture and talk to him. However, Kurono, still believing she's a stalker, runs away when she tries to talk to him, to her confusion. During a break, Tae goes to Kurono's classroom and talks to him on the roof, explaining that she lost her memories and once again attempting to show him the picture. However, Kurono cuts her off, calling her a stalker and telling her to go to the hospital, hurting Tae.

Throughout the rest of the day, Tae expresses her frustrations towards Kurono and attempts to distract herself from thinking about him, but to no avail, believing that they broke up because he hated her. After school, she runs into him once again in the hallway and he immediately starts running away upon seeing her, to which she gives chase, asking him if they used to date, which he denies.

While running, Kurono screams hysterically for someone to make Tae stop chasing him, while she cries. She eventually grabs his sleeve, but he throws his elbow in her face, knocking her down and escaping from her. While in class, Kurono complains about her with his "new friends", while they mockingly ask him why anyone would stalk him since he's not so special. Tae walks home, broken-hearted.

While Kurono continues to deny that they used to date (since he memories were wiped by Gantz), a girl in his class walks up to him, revealing her to be his ex-girlfriend, to his confusion. She then openly criticizes him for outright ignoring her, to which Kurono then seems to have his memory jogged slightly, at which point the chapter ends.

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