Contact (コンタクト, Kontakuto) is the 226th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

Cover Page

We see an image of the naked upper body of Reika Shimohira with a tree in the background and the text next to it saying: You control the world, I control you. The image cuts off below her ample boobage to highlight them and make them the most prominent things on the page, sadly her nipples are covered by her hair which does make her look sexy in stead of slutty. Her smiling, laughing face completes the picture.


The chapter begins with Kenzo Sakata wandering around the streets of Tokyo, seeing many ads for Reika Shimohira and remarking on her popularity. Meanwhile, Hiroto Sakurai and Tonkotsu are also wondering the streets and Hiroto expresses recognition for Reika, to which Tonkotsu wonders why he called her "miss" Reika.

Meanwhile, Daizaemon Kaze is eating lunch with Takeshi Koumoto and asks him what his mother's name is, to which Takeshi replies that he doesn't know. When he can't remember his father either, Kaze says he will have to take him to the police, which Takeshi immediately objects to, stating that he doesn't want to return to his family. Takeshi states that he likes his father, but that he's dead now and his mother likes "a bad man" who always hits his head. This prompts Kaze to question Takeshi about the events leading up to his death. Takeshi reveals that his mom's boyfriend beat him after he ate "his" pudding while his mother just smoked, and that while they were away, he begged "muscle rider" to save him. Hearing this, Kaze relents and allows Takeshi to stay with him, shocked at how a child so young would die without anyone to love him and cries at this.

Yoshikazu Suzuki is waiting at the subway stop when he smiles at seeing Kurono there as well. He goes up to Kurono and asks how to get to Sakuragaoka, to which Kurono says the next train will take him there. Suzuki thanks him, and Kurono seems to experience some deja vu briefly.

While walking home, Kurono wonders if the contact "Reika" on his phone is the same as Reika Shimohira and debates whether to call her, though he doubts the possibility. Upon arriving at his apartment, he meets Seiichi Kikuchi, who recognizes him by name, at which point the chapter ends.

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