Exposed Reunion
Chapter Information
Chapter 325
Page length 30 pages
Release date January 19, 2011 (tankōbon format)
Arc Alien Ship Takeover Mission Arc
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The Choice of Those with Power
Toy Girl

Exposed Reunion (展示された再会, Tenjisareta Saikai) is the 325th chapter of the Gantz manga, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku.

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After liberating the humans from the alien slaughterhouse, Kurono is seen leading them through the giants streets and pursued by giant soldiers. Amidst the panic Kurono shouts for Tae, hoping she is among the crowd of escapees. As he runs, a passerby informs him of Tae's capture by a giant girl, but before he could elaborate he is killed by an energy discharge by the pursuing giants. Kurono retaliates activating his Z-Gun, and leads the survivors into a building, ordering them to squeeze between the giants legs and spread out to avoid being shot at.

Finding momentary reprieve the group study their surroundings. The building is filled with glass cages, containing various creatures being observed by a collection of giant civilians. Realizing that they are in a zoo, the humans explore the exhibits in fascination.

In one exhibit they were horrified to discover that humans were being kept in the zoo. One of the captives noticing humans outside the enclosure, demands and begs to be let out. His outburst attracts the attention of the rest of the captives. Kurono however has his attention on a particular pair, Ryou Ikegami and Natsu Harada. He is rendered speechless, as Ryou approaches him, followed by Natsu hiding behind him to cover her nudity.

Ryou demands why Kurono is outside and what his suit is. Despite many of his group's encouragement to free them, Kurono fuming at his anger toward Ryou due to his role in bullying him in school, walks away.

As Kurono walks away, Ryou and Natsu could only look in humiliation and shame toward the giants that loomed over them, laughing at the humans naked exhibition.

Kurono's group tries to convince him to help them, stating he what kind of man he is for abandoning them. Kurono lashes out telling them to help themselves, silencing them, but later regretting his outburst.

Tae is seen in the hands of the giant girl, riding a hover car as the girl's mother stroke her head. She silently cries out to Kurono. Back at the zoo, the human captives are in despair at their confinement. Ryou comforts Natsu, promising he will find a way out. Natsu however sees Kurono has returned using his weapon to shatter the glass.

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