Chiaki Onizuka
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Age 18
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga 27. Latent Power
Final Appearance
Manga 116. World Game
Japanese Yoshihisa Kawahara
English Robert Anderson
Movie Actor/Actress

Chiaki Onizuka is a senior at Masaru Kato 's high school who boxes professionally in the heavyweight division. He is openly homosexual, as noted by Kazuki.

Appearance Edit

Onizuka is tall dark-skinned with short black hair, a scar on his left eyebrow and wears one earring on each ear.

Personality Edit

Onizuka is an evil and arrogant teenager who uses his height, strength and boxing skills to rape other guys. And he is not ashamed to admit to be gay.


Pre-Tanaka Alien ArcEdit

Onizuka expresses a desire to rape Kato presumably after the juniors (most of whom Kato stopped earlier from taking a weaker students' pants and who plan to beat Kato up) are finished beating him up. Kato is enraged when he is informed that Onizuka plans to rape him, and instead beats Onizuka, who is unprepared while occupying a bathroom stall, into a bloody mess, apparently partially as a message to the juniors to "stop bullying those who are weak."

Shion Izumi ArcEdit

Later, while Daizaemon Kaze is searching for the strongest warriors in Tokyo, Daizaemon is informed that Onizuka is the strongest fighter in the area (despite the fact that he was easily defeated by Kato) and issues a challenge to him. Many students come to see the fight, believing Onizuka capable of easily defeating Kaze. However, Kaze quickly defeats Onizuka and effortlessly tosses him out of the bathroom.


  • In the manga, Onizuka has his pants and underwear down when Kato beats him. In the anime, only his pants are down.
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