Eisuke Nakazawa
Race Human
Age 15-16
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Humans
Personal Status
Status Dead
First Appearance
Manga 23. Normality
Final Appearance
Manga 118. Sweethart
Japanese Takuro Nakakuni
English Stuart Krohn
Movie Actor/Actress

Eisuke Nakazawa was one of Kei Kurono's friends in high school seen around Kurono and Kyohiko Matsumura.


Post-Onion Alien MissionEdit

Nakazawa is first seen talking with Kurono and Matsumura while showing the former a poster of swimsuit model Momo Ayukawa. Kurono jokingly teases him for going for big tits, though he counters by telling Kurono that he's not one to talk. Later, after Kurono's confrontation with Tachibana and Yonekura, Nakazawa took the subway line with Kurono and showed him an event happening at Shosen Grande in Jimbocho. He told Kurono that even though they would never get girlfriends, they should at least be able to dream about it. To which Kurono replies to speak only for himself.

Anime-Manga DifferencesEdit

  • Despite being the more prominent of Kurono's friends in the early manga, he only appeared in the anime for one scene in the fifth episode. The scene of him going home with Kurono at the subway was completely removed and altered. The scene was given to Matsumura and Kurono talking about it as they are leaving for home at the school during episode 15. This was probably done so as not to confuse viewers who had not read the manga and would not be familiar with him, whilst Matsumura was more memorable due to what took place in episode 5.
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