Fishman or Mermaid Alien is the second target in Gantz G. Its an 100 Point Alien and the last Mission in Gantz G.


  • Strong
  • Stinks
  • Pervert


  • Huans
  • Plancton



The Mission takes lace in an Aquarium. The first one who is dying is Fujimoto. he was killed by the Fishmean Alien who looks like a pretty and naked Woman. The group Chasing the Fishemn Alien and get to an big Pool where new ALiens appears. Most of the newbies get killed and Abiko is Chasing the Boss Alien again. After a lot of ALiens who looks all a little bit like Water Ceatures are defeated they group meets Abiko for the Fight against the Boss. Abiko get killed and the Alien is regenerate herself every Time. (Like Nuri is also change Forms but is going back in his first form often). The ALien taes Control over ABikos Dead Body but get crusched by Kaj. In the End of the Mission Kurono Attacks the Boss and Miyazagi is shooting on an truck who exlode. The heat from the flmes is the weakpoint of the Boss. Kurona get badly injured and kegami finished the Alien off with Abikos Z Gun.

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