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Flower garden Alien is an Giant Plant who can also mimic People

History Edit Edit

Flower garden Alien is the second Mission in Gantz EXA. Nagatomo, Kishimoto and a lot of new Guys fighting the Alien, first on a River side, then Nagaotmos Wife Appears on the battlefield and get shoot by Kurono who also appears in the Mission. Nagatomo brings her wife Yui to the Hospital but meet there her Wife again. Yui who got shoot is the Alien and know is transformed to a giant Plant, kills Nagatomos Mother and attacks the pergnant Yui. In the end the group can kill the Alien with Chemicals.

List of other Aliens in this Mission Edit

Some Plants

Trivia Edit

There is no time limit.

Yui and Nagatomo's Mother can see the Gantz member.

Aliens are attacking other people.


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