Fra Rarada
Fra Rarada
Debut 327. Little Birds in a Cage
(Current) Final Appearance 363. Sky Tower
Seiyu None
Voice Actor None
Age Unknown
Current Status Deceased (chapter 363)

Mother, Kurono (as a pet)

Fra Rarada (フラ・ララダ, Fura Rarada) is the alien woman that Kei "kidnaps" in chapter 327. He forces her to help the him and the humans escape from the Mothership. She tries to trick Kurono by turning off her translator and calling for soldiers who end up attacking Kurono. He ends up slaughtering them all then forces Fra to take one of the dead soldiers suit.

Although she was forced to help at first, she showed signs of empathy and compassion towards Kurono. She also seems fairly interested in human beings, at least after meeting Kei.

She is also revealed to be a young specimen of her kind, as stated by her mother when Kurono and herself are in her apartment. Although she says that she's old enough to make her own decisions, she is likely to be a teenager, something like a 18 years old human.

She seems to differ from the majority of the aliens in the mothership in terms of behavior. Most of them are shown as ruthless and cruel, killing and eating human beings with no signs of regret, while she communicates with Kurono (though forced at first) and demonstrates feelings that resemble those of humanity's.

She dies returning Tae to Kurono after he got transferred into a war battle. Her last words were "Please don't kill us" by whom Kurono decides to not destroy the tower that keeps their spaceship going.

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