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Gantz:E is a historical spinoff manga set in Japan's Edo Period. Written by Hiroya Oku. The series was first published in 2020.


The manga's story begins when a peasant named Hanbē asks a girl named O-haru for her hand in marriage, but O-haru confesses that she is already thinking of another man named Masakichi from a neighboring village. When Hanbē seeks out Masakichi, he finds that Masakichi possesses a sword and the skills to use it, despite being a peasant.

After a minor confrontation, both of them stop to jump into a river to save a young girl named Okinu who had fallen in. The current was too strong for them, they both dying and then appearing in a Gantz Room.




  • Unlike in the original Gantz manga, where the Gantz sphere plats the "It’s the beginning of a brand new day" radio song, in the Gantz:E universe, the sphere plays Sado Okesa, a Japanese folk song.
  • Since the manga is set in feudal Japan, the Gantz swords are more prominently used than their gun counterparts. It isn't until chapter 9 that a Gantz Rifle is used.