Gantz:Next Project is a series of anounced spinoffs, currently consisting of 4 projects.[1] The project attempts to rebuild the Gantz world and rewrite the story, using the main series' main characters, but telling an alternate plot.

Announced are:

  • A Gantz 3DGC movie, announced for 2016
  • Gantz:G, a spinoff manga currently running in Miracle Jump
  • Gantz, 2 in 1 Original story (paper back)
  • Gantz:X, a so far undefined project


Gantz:X is one of four projects announced in the December 2016 issue of Miracle Jump.

The announcement lists a website: [1] Whether the website is just a teaser or the full Gantz:X project is not quite clear. Once entered, the keywords will display on the top of the page for quick access.

The following keywords forward to websites with small articles in Japanese and English.

It is also possible to unlock wallpapers by entering the following keywords and registering via Twitter:

  • くろの (says Kurono)
  • えっくす (says X)
  • きしもと (says Kishimoto)


  1. GANTZ:NEXT PROJECT announcement in Miracle Jump
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