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Gantz: Perfect Answer[]

Kurono is forced to continue since he hasn't yet obtained the 100 points necessary to exit. A woman, Eriko Ayukawa (played by Ayumi Ito), receives a small box in the mail containing a small black sphere. The sphere begins to give her messages; it tells her she has the first key and thanks her for her work the previous night, which she does not remember. The sphere tells her that there are four keys leading to the room (the one with the large sphere known as Gantz) and then gives her the details on her next target. The first three people she kills appear in the sphere room and join the team.

It is revealed that there is someone following the previous events leading up to Kato's disappearance; they have evidence on missing people and bodies. The investigator eventually uncovers a mysterious basement room full of people and is told to follow another lead before having the secret to the room and sphere given to him by their leader. Kurono and the team are sent out to kill the leader of the men from the basement, and at the same time Eriko is on the train to kill Kurono's love interest, Tae (Yuriko Yoshitaka).

Another Gantz (2011)[]

Airing on TV before Gantz: The Perfect Answer, Another Gantz is an alternate version of the first Gantz film. The film follows an investigative journalist during the events of the Gantz: Perfect Answer.