Gantz (ガンツ, Gantsu) is a psychological science fiction action thriller manga written and drawn by Hiroya Oku, it was first published on July 13, 2000 . The manga is known for its graphic violence, sex, action and game like aspects. It brings a not always obvious depth to a series which at first glance might look like your average action packed, sex and fight filled seinen.



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Comments by Hiroya Oku : Edit

  • Kishimoto's death was not planned from the start. I thought of her just as a heroine who flourished a story. About a death of her, a part of the team said: "Are you sure that will kill it so soon?". But all was just part of improvisation when writing a plot. In the part where through a death of the Kato, it was virtually automatic too-die too.
  • It was easy to imagine that this would become a common story of an alien monster dear from the start. So I brought with the alien Chives, as a character who can make the look of someone indifferent end up liking him and creating feelings against the Gantz room. Just the bullying and murder of a weak alien could not be a battle, so I created a stronger version of it, the great alien Onion. I wanted to make an original name, hence its name came to me "Alien Onion".
  • Note from the assistant: Kikuchi wears glasses and has short bacaninha hair, and they have the habit of looking at a person with a sideways glance. He is impressed when he occasionally displays smug and triumphant expressions of purpose in a funny way. Does he look a bit like Hiroya in any way?
  • If Kurono is a common high school student, Kato is my ideal high school student. I think I was influenced by John McClane from the Hard Knockout series. For example, Kato feels bad when he needs to fight against his will, as if to say "Why should I do this?", And he can actually do it. I was planning Kato's death from the start. I was also originally planning that "everyone besides Kurono would die in the middle of the story".
  • Kurono is based on my personal view of ordinary high school students. It's a bit like a student who has a cynical outlook on society, if that gets me. It seems he was thought of as a nerd, but he's not the kind of guy who is too fanatic about something as much as the geeks are. I simply assumed that he is an average high school student. By the way, his cell phone ringtone is "Myth Komon".