Kurono Kei

"Yeah, so I don't appear to be the brightest crayon in the box but I still look down on the rest of the world."

"Kei Kurono, 10th grade, and I died...because of him [Masaru Kato]."

"And in response to her bizzare entrance, my body gave an enthusiastic thumbs up."

Masaru Kato

"Masaru Kato. Attacked by a train..."

Joichiro Nishi

"Anyone who points a gun at me dies. Got it? Point a gun at me, you die."


"Y0ur L1V35 h4v3 3nd3d.

H0w y0u us3 y0ur n3w l1v3s 1s 3nt1r3ly up t0 m3.

Th4t's th3 th30ry 4nyw4ys."

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