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In each mission, Gantz informs the Hunters about the current target which has to be hunted. This information includes an image of the target as well as its characteristics, things it likes, and favorite quotes. Most of the time, Gantz target profiling is extremely lacking, not giving information about attacks or power, and because almost always the "boss" is not the original target or there are more than one specimen for each class. While in the anime version, there are four targets including the Kei Kurono alien (after The Buddhist Temple Aliens mission), until this moment, there have been ten different targets in the manga:

It was also hinted that the Vampires were once hunted by Gantz. No mission has been shown against them yet though, although they did appear near the end of the Dinosaur mission, as well as at the shopping mall in the Oni mission working with the aliens to kill the hunters. In Gantz/Minus they appear during Izumi's final mission before he exited the game.

Other series[]

Gantz Minus[]

  • Shotoku Aliens
  • Hanako Alien
  • Tiger Alien
  • Specimen Alien
  • Jeans Aliens (These muscle-like aliens, who wore Jeans, were a target in Nishi's and Izumi's past but they never told about these guys)




Gantz the Game[]

  • Neko Mimi (Only appears in the Game if you clear the Free Mode once with any other character but Kurono)