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Giant Aliens




Characteristics Highly Advanced, Four Eyed, Giant
Likes Pets, Deceit, Invasions Extermination
Quotes Nothing Specific
Status Conquered
Points None
Manga Debut

Chapter 303 (arrival)
Chapter 307 (true form revealed)

Anime Debut


The Giant Aliens (Kyojin-Seijin) are a race of aliens that have come to invade the earth, after their invasion of the God Aliens' homeworld failed.


These beings are humanoid in appearance, with some minor differences in traits. They have four eyes on their head, two of which are in the same spot as humans' eyes, while the other two are situated more towards the side of their head. They have six fingers on each hand. They have hair in the same areas as the humans. The males have three penises, and the females have two breasts equal to a terran woman. The thickness and depth of the female genital organ is not known, since a human was able to violate a female member of the species in chapter 368. The biggest physical difference would be their size, as they stand to be several times the size of an average human, big enough to grasp one in the palm of their hands.


Not much is know about this race of aliens. After they failed to invade the God Aliens' homeworld, they have come to Earth to invade. They initially started their invasion with turning the sky red and taking out Earth's main armies, before sending their advanced forces down in giant machines.

Using thrall alien species, they drove hundred of humans into container like vessels that were than transported to the mothership. Once there, the humans would be sprayed with a liquid that melted all inorganic material, leaving its victims naked. The humans were then shuttled to mini-factories, where they would be slaughtered like cattle and prepped for consumption.


While Giants were extraterrestrials with high advancements in technology and culture, they seemed very similar to humans in that they were able to have feelings and had the same virtues and flaws as humans, capable of doing good deeds such as Fraa who helped Kurono find Tae in spite of him taking her hostage, while at the same time being able to display high amounts of severe sadism and cruelty, as they enjoyed or simply didn't care about human life, as they were so little in size and technological advances.

To the Giants, humans were little more than food for slaughter or exotic animals to be kept in zoos and as pets. Several Giants described humans as insects.

They also seemed to have a code of honor, as Eeva Gund decided to determine the fate of their races in a duel to the death.